black or white?

none of us are all good or bad
although we may be slightly mad

we each have qualities and weaknesses
some more rough some eek sleekness

none are pure saints or truly evil
although psychopaths lack moral compass

but love is blind
to weaknesses we may find

or if they grate
it’s easy to hate

healthier to recall
none are either or

if we look for faults
they can be found

yet when treated kindly
we respond more wisely

when openly approached
we tend to give our utmost

for what we see in another
reflects what we’d rather

so don’t be mad or sad
look for qualities to be glad

try a more colourful hue
as black and white definitely skew


  1. Yes! Right on, SweetKate!!! Words to live and love by!
    You, and your poems, add beauty and joy to the world…and to my little corner of the world! Thank you! 🙂
    OHMYGOSH! I could stare at that bird for hours! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. These four lines really resonated with how my caring and kindly week has gone ……
    “yet when treated kindly
    we respond more wisely

    when openly approached
    we tend to give our utmost”

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  3. Agreed. Your lines,

    “if we look for faults
    they can be found”

    resonate particularly.

    Plus, dismissing someone as being purely evil really is weak, intellectually. It would seem to absolve us of the effort to understand someone (to understand, not necessarily to agree). Come on, people, we’re better than this!

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  4. your poem reflects what i am reading right now. An Australian author i respect, Tim Winton, he gets down to the nitty gritty of human personality in his books, and just tells us straight , quite like you do. words to ponder on Kate

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  5. I agree it’s much more fun to be colourful. I do so love those rainbow lorikeets. Though I have nothing against all our beautiful black and white songbirds either.

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    • WOW! Really Amazing story Jules, thanks for that great news and hope people click on this link to see how real charity works! Cutting out the middle man gives smiles, touches hearts and tears trickle out …

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