blessed or cursed

just as wind and rain are heard
thoughts and emotions are stirred

eventually erupting like a freed bird
they gain life from our word

once those words are voiced
they can be dry or moist

they will bless or curse
don’t make it worse!

dVerse, 44 words, voice, De


  1. My wife and I are teetering on a precipice of separation… hard to judge whether to choose dry or moist words in any situation. Seems when I try to speak freely, like that bird, I seem to make it worse. Life is a puzzle. Thank you for this. Touching for the touched. 😉

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    • sorry Lorna .. it’s a tough time and I’m sure none of it’s easy … hard to find the right words for each other as your friends and family will struggle to renegotiate relationships …

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  2. Effectively – and economically – offered, Kate, in just few bracing, well-chosen lines.

    Speaking, in common with our other actions, exacerbates or soothes, depending on our intent.

    Just like an open hand can bring a slap in the face, or a gentle caress. The tongue can be unimaginably powerful, both for good and…not. “You got a license for that thing?”

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    • Welcome always dear Kate. Kate I published my poetry book in India and with the blessings of my beloved Meher Baba have sold quite a few copies just felt like telling you this good news. Thanks to all of you’ll too for always encouraging me.

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      • I am so pleased for you Kamal … your poetry is exceptional but then so too are your stories! I would love to see you post more poems on your blog. So not surprised they have sold so well ❤

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