Friday Fun – unusual

life is full of ‘unusual’ things

share your pics or stories about anything unusual …

Whether through your lens or using creative writing … go where the prompt leads!

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this plane seems odd in the fields outside a rural town!

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  1. Nice snap, Kate, and look at all the conversations it’s inspired!

    Is that a gate around the plane, or is it merely an optical illusion? Point is, that’s not still a working aircraft, is it?

    Every time I hear a prop job buzzing overhead, I look. Most of the time it’s a Cessna, or sometimes an ultralight, but rarely (once every couple years), it’s a full-blown plane, complete with turbines. Wow – must’ve been what our grandparents saw when they glanced skyward in their youths!

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    • that’s a very high fence and it is parked at the end of an airfield but it’s not a museum piece … looks like a DC8 to me but I’m no plane person. So it may or may not work … I have no idea

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  2. Unusual… the usual, wild turkeys, young ducks, and either a young cooper’s hawk or a kestrel in the back yard yesterday. Even with binoculars it’s hard to tell the hawk and kestrel (another type of hawk) apart. And while I was looking them up I found out these two birds are frenimies!
    They will fight each other – I guess for hunting territory.

    “The American kestrel is the smallest falcon in North America, at about 7”-8” long, while the peregrine ranges from 13”-23”. Color. The kestrel has a rusty tail. Males have blue-gray wings, while the females’ wings are more reddish.” – I think because of the stripes in the tail – the bird I saw was a young Cooper’s hawk. I thought an animal had burrowed and made a mound in my back yard – it was the hawk with its wings spread taking in the sun!

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