when the doctor delivers that death sentence
we cannot cure the cancer
your liver/kidney is far too damaged
your heart valves are clogged
there is no cure only care …

there is a myriad of responses
many jump on the treatment treadmill
bargaining to delay the inevitable
others retire to the bed
hoping rest may appease the grim reaper

a few will be quiet and continue
with life without attracting attention
some will launch into their bucket list
keen for a big adventure
not everyone gets such choices …

the treatment treadmill has
many serious side-effects
weakening our immune system
we have absolutely no idea
how we’d react until the bell tolls

always wise to regularly tick off
that bucket list to make the most of life
tie up any unfinished business
be sure to make amends, no strife
tell close ones that you love them

as they will respond in unimagined ways
some close down and move away
others keen to support are there to stay
unsolicited advice swamps you
relatives tend to divide in two

a few are vultures circling for financial gain
others more dove like keeping the peace
helping one to end their days in their own way
sort out those who support
avoid those who would distort

prepare by making your own choices
think about how you’d like it to be
make your wishes very clear
to avoid confusion for those held dear
these choices empower to do it your way!