weather seasons life come and go
just like the tide they ebb and flow

brief or longer
sick or stronger

we die as we have lived
be kind and always forgive

cheer with a smile
walk that extra mile

know that each is precious
don’t be too contentious

be comfortable in your own skin
embrace each other, bias is a sin

make your life worthwhile
work and play with style


  1. Lovely poem that echoes life; when we take care of our own business, and are happy with ourselves, we tend to be happier with other people. If we can celebrate our own uniqueness, we are better able to celebrate the uniqueness of those around us. I have always believed that the people who find so much fault in others are deeply dissatisfied with themselves. Otherwise, they would be much more willing to ‘live and let live’. I do love the lines, ‘cheer with a smile, walk the extra mile.’ How different the world could be if more people embraced the words of your poem.

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  2. Nice, Kate. Literally.

    Being happy and caring now not only brightens our present, and others’ too, but it helps to create a better future. We may not appreciate it now, but whenever we reach the next step, whatever that may be (and as all of us will), we’ll thrill in the utter magnificence of what we’re making. A civilization, or whatever you want to call it.

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