Friday Fun – creepy crawlies

creepy crawlies are here to stay
most dread them, I love them what to say!

share your pics or stories about those creepy crawlies …

Whether through your lens or using creative writing … go where the prompt leads!

expand your readership by visiting a couple of other links to connect
as a community?  this happens at dVerse and it really works for me

the caterpillar my young friend found

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  1. 🐛 🐛 🐛
    Caterpillars are the cutest creepy crawlers! 🙂
    Worms, to me, not-so-much! HA!!! 😀

    I clicked on that link you shared. But, I don’t understand what is going on. ???
    (((HUGS))) and Bugs, since you love ’em! 😉

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  2. I’m growing some Monarch Cats right now! The ones born in July are the third generation of Monarchs for our summer. I didn’t have too much success last year. But I didn’t start until almost the end of the summer and the 5 generation. I have two that are in second and third instar stages respectfully. I’m hoping I’ve saved at least a couple of Monarch eggs from being eaten by other but critters. We have a pest here called the lantern fly and it is eating all the milkweed before the Monarchs can. At least I’ve seen some Monarchs and Swallowtail butterflies this year. They seem to be getting rarer. But I have a butterfly bush (some call an invasive weed) that attracts those as well as other butterflies. 🙂

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  3. As insects, etc. pass through their various stations, nothing surpasses the stunning colors and patterns Nature reserves for caterpillars. They definitely foretells the glory soon to emerge.

    Your post has inspired me to do a little research. Kate, as I’m keen to see how my all-time favorite butterfly, South America’s Blue Morpho, looks as a caterpillar.

    It may be Woodstock all over again…

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