we simmer with temper
and with temptation
bubble and boil with trouble
hot and sweaty with sexcitement

we freeze with disdain
and with silence
below zero when bigotry arises
or to push our point

how do you resolve your ill
extremes are a bitter pill
don’t bend others to your will
or their very soul you may kill

we are odd creatures
with severe extremes
a temperate balance
might fulfil more dreams ..

effective communication
negotiation and tolerance
more effective
do you simmer or chill?

dVerse – Temperature – Lillian


  1. good points to ponder, as always your poetry stirs the soul Kate. I find the most passionate people make the biggest difference in the world, but those motivated by self interest should be kept at arms length. the world is made up of both hot and cold, I love your analogy to weather and temperatures, gives this poem such depth.

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  2. This picture illustrates the text well. A beautiful poem, you can choose words to express distress in the duality of human nature.

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  3. Amazing write 👍

    Was for me, I simmer always…..but then i learned, It actually makes no difference. So now i’m learning to chill. What will be will be.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely words 💕✌


  4. Excellent poem capturing us human-beans…and I love how you use temps (and such descriptive temperature words) to describe and compare our emotions and our reactions to life!
    I always try to keep a chill-laid-back-open-minded attitude. But, if people are being taken advantage of or hurt, (ETC) I can explode in their defense.
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…your photo is perfect! It’s like half of the sky is freezing and the other half is on fire! 🙂

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  5. This is excellent Kate. A wonderful examination of our human nature, and a well focused directive that we begin to seek the balance necessary to steer this ship back from the falls. Let’s hope that we’re not already to caught by the current.

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