freckles was her nickname
a multitude littered her face

so prominent her features
went completely unnoticed

early twenties they faded
a torturous school mate

gazed boldly upon her beauty
couldn’t believe it was ‘freckles’

so look beyond appearances
to find the true hidden treasure!

dVerse Quadrille #84 Mish, Freckle 44 words
internet photo via google

thanks dear friends for your care but if I wanted to engage I would have left comments open!


  1. I have many freckles which have never faded. I’ll have them for life. When I was about 20 and at teachers’ college, a ‘friend’ said to me one day, “look at all your freckles!” I became very self-conscious of them after that and felt that all people could see walking towards them was a big ball of freckles. I prefer the sentiment of your poem.

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  2. That’s a wonderful perspective on freckle-ness Kate. The schoolmate was an asshat! This made for engaging reading. BTW, my wife is a freckle-face and it is part of her undeniable beauty… 🙂

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  3. Yes! Yes! and Yes!
    Beautifully expressed wisdom!
    My best friend growing up had bright red hair and beautiful freckles! I thought she was so beautiful!
    “A face without freckles, is like a night without stars!”
    As for that torturous schoolmate…there is always at least one…and we hope they grow up some day!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. Your travails with the inkwell are exactly the same ordeal my 5th grade homeroom teacher endured when she was in school, except her bully was another girl.

    “Look at you, with your boring, freckle-less existence, so bland, never changing. No wonder you’re frustrated. I would be too if my life were so dull.”

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  5. A great poem about freckles. Freckles stand out, but the most important thing is what is hidden under the freckles. The man and his most important interior, not freckles, humped nose or protruding cheekbones. I have a round face, but not the shape is the most important.

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