winter garden

although our nights are chilly
the days are tropical n sunny
flowers and fruit have arrived early
so pollen fills the air
a local farm is hosting many hives
so pollination is thriving

winter - 1

cheerful daisies

what do you grow in your winter garden?

winter - 3

lovely lavender, note the bamboo stakes as the honey eaters were breaking my bush

grey glum and desperate despair
or make your days sunny fun
plant seeds that reap reward
for we all enjoy sweet honey
we are responsible for our own nectar
weather and others can be fickle

winter - 4

decorative leaves of the ginger plant, use it daily

attend your garden gently with care!


  1. Looks like your conditions permit you to keep things going year-round, Kate. That’s enviable and simultaneously challenging, as it doesn’t allow much (or any) of a break.

    It’s currently late summer here in North America, and when frost begins to set in another couple months, I intend to see how lemongrass does indoors over winter, in a sunny window. We’ll see…

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  2. Our gardens need great care, especially our winter garden. In the garden of life, we must be kind to ourselves when the conditions are harsh. We must remember that all that blooms within our hearts needs sunshine in order to grow. When the light is dim, we must strive, like sunflowers, to lean only toward the sun…only believe in better days to come. There is always the winter; we must believe in an eternal spring…deep within our souls.

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    • yep bees and honey eaters go crazy about it … my neighbours are being converted when they see the attraction to my plants πŸ™‚
      sorry for your allergy!


  3. Your poem is as beautiful as the flowers and plants you shared in photos, Kate!
    We have a few plants that thrive in the winter…including the rosemary. And those plants that go a bit dormant when the snow flies…they still come back full force when the weather warms again. πŸ™‚
    WE must tend to all of the “gardens” in our lives…and not just the flower and plant ones. πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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    • you said it Carolyn … I’m amazed that plants do survive snow over there and drought here … our fields can look dead and brown for months/years but come that first rain things rapidly become green again … we need to copy the force of nature πŸ™‚

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  4. Over here it is summer and today I ate about a third of a pint of my cherry tomatoes πŸ™‚
    Lovely plants in your post. I tried growing lavender, but it didn’t take.

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