neighbours - 1 (3).jpg

the chocolate twins

neighbours - 2.jpg

the protective father – I can see me reflected in those bovine eyes!

neighbours - 3

the ever watchful mother …

families are dysfunctional on many levels yet we need to learn to cohabitate.
No matter the infighting we should have each others back.
we graze in the same field, share the same genes
and all move on in much the same way …


  1. You certainly had their attention.

    What’s the backstory?

    “Come on, guys, you can’t give me one good picture? OK, fine. See this juicy armful of sweetgrass? It’s all yours – if you look into the camera!””

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  2. The chocolate twins are sweet and precious! And I’m so glad they being cared for by their loving parents! I’ve always believed we human-beans can learn so VERY MUCH from nature. But, so sad that animals are often better parents and family members and friends than human-beans are to one another. 😦

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  3. So very true and wise my dear! 😊 💖 All families definitely have their own unique sets of challenges. I know mine definitely does and I know my personality and unique set of values doesn’t reflect the same view as others in my family and we don’t always see eye to eye, but at the end of the day I definitely try to make the best to find a way to interact in peace. ❤️

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  4. yes, it took some years but now there’s a recognition that dysfunction is in fact quite normal, but that we need to indeed cohabitant and better, life-long learning.

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