my one thousandth post!

we paint life’s emotions and games with words
verbal art with words sketched in wondrous ways
formats, free verse painting life soaring birds
we explore explain confuse create praise
document disdain or even malaise

words woven diverse contradictory
splash or weave verbal art aids history
collaborate solo we love word play
poetry is sheer magic mystery
artists compelled to graffiti word sway

dVerse, dizain, Rosemary
thanks Gina and Marie for your help with syllable counting!
inspired by this new blogger’s subtitle


  1. A thousand posts? What a legacy you’ve bestowed upon us, Kate. To think, I encountered you only around Post #970. So much more to explore!

    Ah yes, language’s expressive infinity. You’re a writer, Kate, so you know all too well it often isn’t difficult finding words (sometimes even that eludes us, though), but paring them, selecting them – performing triage – is challenging

    With today’s poem, you had to omit words that exceeded the totals. What sorrow!

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  2. Congratulations on your thousandth post! I was interested to see the blog post which inspired you – a valid comparison. (In my head I often liken poetry to sculpture: a shaping. Others see it as being like dance.) I’d have liked a few more commas for easier reading, but that’s a personal preference. You’ve got the form down, and use it to say interesting things which clearly resonate with your fellow-poets.

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