Poetry Prof

In the midst of life’s general gloom I dreamt I was the moon

Glowing indiscriminately on everything. Playing hide and seek with my powerful cousin the Sun. I graciously allow the stars to share my stage, something Sun won’t do! We shine out for all to gaze and wonder as they dream of conquering me. Planning excursions, plotting invasions will waste the billions they could fix their own tiny planet with.

Yet greed and the unknown attract far more than helping their own.

And in this dream I visit universes so vast and unseen that you could never dream.

Creatures and communities co-operating in sheer harmony. Knowing that life depends on each other, they call each other mother and brother … for all are interconnected. Their pure love and mateship heightens my inner glow as they seem to know it’s life giving.

Dream on

dVerse – Prosery, 144 words incorporating the sentence
“I dreamt I was the moon” by Alice Oswald, Oxford Professor of Poetry


  1. OK, now I can comment Kate. This is a wonderful vision of mutually beneficial cooperation. Perhaps a dream — but everything human beings achieve begins as a dream… though some perhaps as a nightmare. Dream on…

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    • lol well said Rob, remembered I was in a rush to be elsewhere this am when I posted it and WP gremlins were at play … seems they turned off the ability to comment but found it quickly once you alerted me 🙂


  2. If all were fed, had a bed and brotherly love existed – would then the person who had extra funds be allowed to explore space without disgrace? I watched a sci fi show once where the community seemed perfect. But there is always a catch… some dark secret that will upset the apple cart.

    Like some who leave one country for freedoms, but then try to impose their restrictions in their new places. It’s a big catch-22. Hopefully one day we’ll all find that win-win were everyone actually does win.

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