hungry thirsty

Oxygen is depleted
Sun is blistering
Water is scarce

heard myths about trees
insects and animals
we scavenge for food

not many survived
buildings collapsed
most cried as they died

survival of the fittest
it’s just how things are
we wander wide and far

dVerse; Climate Crisis, Anmol




  1. I am sure you have heard about the water criss back in my mother country kate, and that was just last month kate..and in just few days…flood came all over the rained so seemingly interesting that nature could quickly change..

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  2. We’re having a rather showery early July this year but are so thankful not to be experiencing the deadly smoky skies of last year…your words paint a bleak picture if we choose to ignore the early warning signs, thank you for the stark reminder, it’s so easy to forget inside our shiny worlds!

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  3. Jarring vision, Kate, of the future that awaits if we don’t consider our actions’ consequences on the environments. Not just the physical situation, but also the ethical and, yes, the societal surroundings too, just to name a couple.

    If we focus on one to the exclusion of the others, the “Mad Max” scenario your words paint will materialize all too soon.

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  4. The dinosaurs didn’t have much of a choice.
    The environment changed. At no time were dino’s and humans together.
    Yet early humans hunted and still hunt some animals to extinction.
    If only we could work together instead of all wanting to be the first, best, fastest at keeping each other away from what we claim to be our soul treasures…

    Maybe the universe needs another meteor or two to tilt the axis to get humankind to work harmoniously.

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