act now

Intellectually we all ‘get’ that the future of our planet
and offspring is threatened
But mere words are really not enough
Waiting for government is pointless, we need to change our lifestyles
For mere words without action are crippling

Materialism is just buying into their hands, we need to repair, reuse, recycle
Lip service just isn’t enough
We the individual need to adapt our lifestyles to echo what our heart knows
Put your words and thoughts into action

Farmers and food need temperate climates and regular rainfall
Our actions need to match our tune
First nation people survived many climate changes over sixty thousand years
Learn from them for they are our seers

my favourite Jane Basil environmental poem

dVerse, Climate Crisis, Anmol


  1. I keep encountering too many who don’t think we are in trouble, I’m concerned we are not yet making a dent in the human psyche. As several observers have commented in recent years, we will act when it becomes a personal crisis.

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  2. You say it so well — lip service indeed is not enough. This form of acknowledgment has become significant and it is required of us to stand together and make these changes and force our lawmakers to initiate radical practices to curb this crisis.
    Very well penned!

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  3. When I was a child, my favorite thing we studied in Social Studies/ History was the American Indians. I loved the way they lived. They hunted, but nothing was wasted. They moved place to place and honored each place with a reverence for the earth. This planet is a gift from God. In this intensely hot summer, I thank God for the trees…for their shade, for their beauty. We are so blessed, and there are no material goods more beautiful than the things we find in nature. All through the year, I bring the ‘outside things’ in. I make wreaths from my dried hydrangeas. I bring in pinecones and put them in baskets. It may sound silly, but people sometimes ask where I got them. I tie red ribbons on the pinecones, and I make the things myself. Using the gifts of nature, I can decorate for the seasons without buying ‘seasonal stuff’. Anyway, I have gone off on a tangent! I guess the point I am trying to make is that each one of us contributes in our own way. I shop in thrift stores and donate back to thrift stores; so many goods can be reused and are like new. We can pass our treasures on to friends and family when we no longer need those items.Everything counts.

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  4. It will absolutely take all of us working together to make a difference. That’s what worries me about the situation….we can change our own habits (and we certainly should) but unless everyone changes, I’m afraid it won’t be enough.

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  5. Some countries are trying to do better but live on earth with the heathens, and others are trying to weaponize it like a virus. We need to fix the bad conditions everywhere. It won’t happen in today’s world. We’ll have to explore the stars or just kill ourselves.

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  6. Yes, if change is to occur, if lives are to be touched in positive ways, etc…it all begins within us…as individuals…and we can make a huge difference! And we must care about future generations who will “inherit” the world from us.

    Excellent poem! 🙂

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  7. Precisely so! In this matter, as in many others, it’s up to us to build the future, without waiting for “them” (officials, whomever) to act.

    Ultimate responsibility rests with those who have the ultimate power – us, the voters. Much as it always has been fashionable to disparage politicians (other people’s politicians; the ones I support are great), they behave as they do only because they chase our support.

    A thriving republic, and improvements toward that ideal, definitely needs an engaged, thoughtful public.

    Off the soapbox now, growing your own makes economic sense too, and gives you produce better and healthier than what the market offers.

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  8. Many First Nations People and Natives of many places often moved or migrated to where they could live when ‘overcrowding’ of their resources or weather changed their life style.
    At the moment with all the population – there isn’t really many alternatives.

    Some are growing gardens on the sides of parking garages, others are making their own ‘Victory Gardens’ and other do support local farm markets. But all of us need to work together so that everyone has a future.

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  9. So much truth in your words! All of us can do at least one thing to conserve and protect our environment. Also, thanks for sharing your favorite environmental poem. I loved it as well!

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  10. Now a days I’m also seeing that there are no chirping of sparrows in the morning.. Once it would be chirping in the morning when I was a little baby … Now it all seems like the earth is losing its Originality

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  11. You’re right . The place where I live has no greenery .. Everytime when I wake up and go the balcony I wish if it was trees everywhere… It would be awesom and we get the real refreshment we have ever got.

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