the sun warms everything non-discriminatingly

yet another fiery ball of blame and terror
is blasting the sunbeams that add diversity
to a white male dominated institution

lets send those four lovely ladies some warmth
and let them know their true valuable worth


Cease Violence!

dVerse – sun quadrille, Grace



  1. Well said! I might only point out that the sun looks like it has already damaged the orange one if you look at his skin color. We need more women like “the squad” (as the 4 are called) and you to keep hammering at that white ceiling!

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  2. I think all public officials should be restricted from any social media.
    And to be defended by anyone… as this issue was (I briefly saw the other day) is just outrageous.
    As far as I am concerned the Orange Blunderer… opens mouth and inserts foot equally on many issues concerning pretty much anything that isn’t within the frame of reference to dictate another’s opinion.

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