Friday Fun – contradiction

contradictions abound … oxymorons or just plain deviancy
please share a true or fictional contradiction in your life?

Whether through your lens or using creative writing … go where the prompt leads!

and please read a couple of other links to get more involved
as a community?  this happens at dVerse and it really works for me

Photo is of two ducks [one’s tail is only just showing] sheltering
from the rain under a drink fountain
… so a few contradictions here!

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  1. For a time (I think in the 1950’s a “DA” was a guys hair style.
    All that ‘grease’ formed into a point at the back of the gents head to look like the back of a duck.
    People are contradictions 🙂

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  2. i love this one! the composition and what inspired your prompt. water like fire can be both friend and foe, elements of nature not to be treated lightly. I also think animals are way smarter than we give them credit.

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  3. Here’s one, maybe. Silence, total silence, actually is quite distracting. In the absence any nose, be it music, television, even the birds outside, I simply cannot focus.

    Likewise, at night, without traffic noise, or even night insects serenading, it’s difficult to fall asleep.

    Once, in my medical past, I took a sleep study. To make it “easier” for me, the docs subdued anything that made noise.

    Nice effort, guys, but you’re not really helping.

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    • ouch Keith sorry to hear that, I love silence but it usually has those other noises in the background .. only experienced true silence in a radio studio and caves … I love my sleep 🙂

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  4. Contradiction carries life itself. We can remember the contrasts more easily. They color not only the language but show the world more interestingly.

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  5. I’m finding an awfully funny situation… The sun is shining,,, It’s pouring rain, windy and cold….
    Haiku: Cold Rain

    Time’s, I played in rain
    Today I worked in the cold
    Wet and shivering

    Autumn’s fat rain drops
    Have lost their warmth and softness
    Winter’s hard as ice

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