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360, that’s the average number of weeks a women will spend on her period in her lifetime. If you were to do that time consecutively that’s nearly 7 years. Nearly 7 years of our lives on our period. As if it wasn’t bad enough that we have to deal with the fluctuation in hormones, the change in our bodies, and the inconvenience of actually bleeding consistently for up to seven days, but we have to pay for the privilege! To continue with our day to day lives and being general badasses we have to use tampons, sanitary towels, menstrual cups etc. Not only do we have to pay for these things, we have to pay tax on them too since they’re not considered a necessity. I’d put my life on it that it wasn’t a woman that made that rule! […]

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  1. Yes I agree totally with you, Kate and yes what a time, even I have gone thru worse in my days. At least now at peace. Feel how the young girls must be going thru and to pay taxes on sanitary napkins too which is so required when we are growing up.

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  2. Oh, you raised a very good.point here Kate..these sanitay napkins, tampons, are part of our basic necessity..when would our lawmakers realize that?
    ..ahhh maybe because most of them are men..they dont really know..but they have mothers, daughters, sisters? Come on….in my country its a whooping 12 percent tax..they call it E VAT..

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  3. That’s right, periods are a quarter of our lives for almost half of our lives. What fun! I worked out that with 10 babies (and a couple of miscarriages), my mother was pregnant for at least 8 years, especially considering each of us was about two weeks overdue. At least periods don’t accompany pregnancy. 🙂

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  4. It is difficult to understand such days for men and children that their mother has a bad day and is not patient. Women are much harder in life.
    Greetings and I wish you a lot of strength in the fight against weaknesses

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  5. And think of how hard it was before we even had modern feminine hygiene products! I’m old enough that I remember having to wear a silly “belt” to attach a sanitary napkin to when I first got my period…..

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  6. That’s an eye opener. We are lucky here that there are actually places to donate that/ those product/products to Women’s shelters. Another collects other woman only essentials.

    On a different but similar ‘rant’ not all cosmetic or liposuction surgery is optional. I had a relative who had to have liposuction, medical necessity before knee surgery but it wasn’t covered by insurance and had to be paid for out of pocket.

    Them that makes the rules, charge and are in charge. 😦

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