This man is one of my heroes, this is the first time I’ve heard much about his life history and I am quite surprised that we have so much in common. I met him in my teens when he talked about advertising to a youth group I was part of.

It was most informative and the first I knew that TV shows and magazines were built around the advertisers. I had somehow how assumed certain shows or articles attracted certain types of advertising.

He brought some very popular magazines and had us tear out the full-page ads. When compiled it was quite obvious who this magazine was aimed at. Who might read these articles then purchase these goods and services that the ads focused on.

Meaning that ads target an audience and then the shows and articles are built up around that target audience until the ads are presented in a glossy package to seduce us into consumerism. Wow, I had no idea!

He wrote a regular column in The Australian, a national paper … and it seems only one of the many newspapers he wrote regular columns for. I would buy this paper, not cheap, just for his column and then discovered the employment section which advertised jobs in various parts of Australia.

Boom I started applying for jobs around the countryside with contracts being my preferred term of employment to enable a broader variety of positions. Of course I didn’t get every job I applied for but often got interviews in exotic locations that meant my costs were covered. For example Brewarrina in the outback, job went to an unqualified niece of the interviewer.

And Katherine in the Northern Territory, interview was in the wet season and the plane couldn’t take off. So after a few days on the settlement they drove me up to Darwin stopping off to see their uncle catching crocodiles. You couldn’t pay for such personal tours or visit such amazing places.

The key takeaways from this interview are “universe remains devoid of meaning but ”love friendship and compassion can fill the void” PM and “The situation is hopeless. We must take the next step” Pablo Casals

Please be sure to listen to the videos of Phillip’s view on pop art and football, absolutely hilarious!

Photo and article from the ABC