browsing at a quilt exhibition
boss lady decided I need to learn
wouldn’t take no for an answer

said I blogged, a new term to her
wrote poetry and took photos
she insisted I could transfer

those skills onto a quilt
I tried to tell her I was busy
doing things I preferred

but she couldn’t hear a word
kept banging on monotonously
demanding that I should quilt

really what is it with people
who are so damned sure that
their way is the only option

had it mainly from people
sprouting that their faith
is really the only one …

this blatant disregard, nay
disrespect astounds me
as we each have different

dispositions which is why
we need a diversity of crafts
and religions so we may choose

which one suits us best
this does make others
choice any less …

please open your heart
and respect others choices
don’t demand they convert!

Get curious, be open
ask questions to see why
it works for them

and be very glad that they
have found a creative outlet
or religion that supports them!