browsing at a quilt exhibition
boss lady decided I need to learn
wouldn’t take no for an answer

said I blogged, a new term to her
wrote poetry and took photos
she insisted I could transfer

those skills onto a quilt
I tried to tell her I was busy
doing things I preferred

but she couldn’t hear a word
kept banging on monotonously
demanding that I should quilt

really what is it with people
who are so damned sure that
their way is the only option

had it mainly from people
sprouting that their faith
is really the only one …

this blatant disregard, nay
disrespect astounds me
as we each have different

dispositions which is why
we need a diversity of crafts
and religions so we may choose

which one suits us best
this does make others
choice any less …

please open your heart
and respect others choices
don’t demand they convert!

Get curious, be open
ask questions to see why
it works for them

and be very glad that they
have found a creative outlet
or religion that supports them!


  1. It is quite disconcerting that some folks only like to see things through one viewfinder. One of my crafts is that I make winter scarves crocheting with odd yarn finds. I make them nice and warm. More than one had suggested I make them wider than I like. I say thank you and just do what makes me happy. I do not need someone else’s permission to be happy especially if I have to follow their rules to be so.

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  2. OMG! I was in Amish country in PA a very long, long time ago. A woman and daughter tried pushing quilting on me as well when she saw that I was buying fabric from them. No matter how politely I said I wasn’t interested, they actually hounded me like a used car dealership. As soon as I paid for my fabric, I said a blunt “NO, Thank You!” and left the shop.
    I had no idea the Amish were so pushy. LOL!

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    • I live close to Amish Country in PA. Used to actually work with an Amish gent in one of my many former part time jobs. The Amish indeed have the same social skills and problems as everyone else. My way or the highway!

      Enjoy what ever you do with your fabric. 🙂

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    • There was this one time when I was still married and living out on Long Island. A group of Jehovah Witnesses showed up at my front door, just the screen door was in place.
      They knocked on the door, and my husband looked up from cleaning his rifle with our pitbull, Brandie by his side. He said, “Come on in, you want to try and convert me?”
      I never saw a group of people run down my driveway the way they had. We just died laughing.

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  3. Right on, Kate! Yes!
    We should ask questions, listen, share, learn, encourage…but all done with respect and in love.
    Sadly, we all have at least one “boss lady” in our lives. I try to steer clear of them when I can. I can be quickly dominated by them, and I don’t need that kind of stress in my life.

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  4. Most comments here are worthy. Naturally, I agree.

    That said, the contrarian in me invites consideration of the other side’s position. First, as to motivation, the “pushy” know how something, call it “X,” has changed their lives positively, and they want to share the fortune. “Why don’t the others understand? I must not be explaining X well enough. Let me try again.”

    Also, to a large degree, we are the people we’ve become due to others insisting their way is better and that we should follow suit. Obviously, as we’ve evolved socially beyond infancy. Although we’ve come to accept most of the changes we’ve made, we once thought it was perfectly fine to run with scissors, and deeply resented those who wanted us not to do so.

    Of course, maturity should bring a greater tolerance for the paths others have chosen, but the reformist impulse lingers in all of us, as it’s a species of idealism.

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  5. Whenever one forces his/her thoughts/believes/etc on others it ends in disaster. Whether we agree or not in our religions/beliefs/etc there is always something we can learn from each other. Well written post,

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  6. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. It does seem to be human nature to assume that what is right for us is right for everyone else, too. And we try to force our choices on others, which is a huge part of what divides us. Far better to just accept that we’re all different, and that we all get to follow our own path. Personally, I don’t react well when people try to tell me what to think, believe, or do.

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  7. I see such an unusual picture – the view of nature is breathtaking. I can not take my eyes off.
    Nature is great, we only care about our land.

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  8. My dad and i have this issue. He wanted me to be an engineer. I was like, “Do you know my scores and grades? I’d NEVER make it.” I don’t feel like living a lie or getting in people’s way.

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  9. Ouch…this is so true Kate…why can’t we all learn to accept the fact that we are all different and as a result we have different ways of expressing our creativity?…

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