Friday Fun – Uprooted

we’ve all been uprooted several times at least
relocated, changed career or been heart broken ..
please share a true or fictional uprooting in your life?

Whether through your lens or using creative writing … go where the prompt leads!

and please read a couple of other links to get more involved as a community?
this happens at dVerse and it really works for me

Post a photo or get creative!

Please complete before next Friday using a pingback to link your post.
Not sure how to do that then see how to create pingbacks here.


  1. Human involvement in action is important. I do not know what this community is about, please explain. I’m not on pingbacks.
    A mysterious photo that is uniquely selected to the content of the post.

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    • it is a weekly prompt to encourage people to post photos or creative writing on the prompt given
      … if you click on the word pingback it will open information on how to do one. A pingback is like a link or connection to each others posts on the same prompt.
      That way anyone can click and read 🙂


  2. we moved many times when i was a child and i worked all over the world too, i still struggle to put down roots. last night a huge thunderstorm uprooted a tree in the park i run, kids were having a good time playing among the fallen branches this morning. i suppose for kids, moving has the biggest impact on how they make friends and sustain relationships. my 2 cents…LOL! thank you for the thoughts here Kate.

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  3. Wants and Needs?

    Toes to ground
    Nose of the hound
    Ever seeking to stay put
    And yet seeds scatter

    Woes to ground
    Hoes of farmers
    Patchwork fields grow
    For me a lawn to mow

    Toes to ground
    Hoes of farmers
    All the books, words, charmers
    Especially if you’re with me


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