Peeling Layers

It’s winter so I’m wearing layers
so many layers I feel positively fat
fat helps me to keep warm
warmed by my kind troubled neighbours

neighbours enable me to connect
connection can bring the unexpected
meeting the unexpected I know I’m alive
while I’m alive I can sulk or thrive

if I choose to thrive I must take risks
risks reach beyond my comfort zone
comfort can be a shroud or deep content
contentment enables me to open my heart

an open heart enables better connections
as I peel my layers back in order to share
these people have shown me their real care
hope we can thrive with all our imperfections!

Friday Fun – Layers



  1. Keeping the clothing layers on…good.
    Peeling off the emotional layers…great. And always helpful to us, and to others in our lives.
    Connections. That’s what life is all about!
    PS…your beautiful sky of clouds looks like a blanket of warmth!

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    • This made me laugh. I never follow a mould! I find it cool when people are able to. This style you used now (the continuation and links) is very much my style. Keep experimenting, I’m interested to see all you come up with.
      Love, light and glitter
      G’night to you

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  2. Thought provoking …….. Peeling off those layers is the most difficult task . ……but it’s so important to open our hearts to receive love and care …… lovely

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  3. Absolutely agree, Kate. Layers – or complexities – are what make life so enjoyable, giving it such richness and depth. Plus, they represent a puzzle for us to “solve” when trying to understand others.

    The more we work to understand, often the greater the emotional reward when we do.

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