Last night I blew a fuse
12 volt system I did abuse
my story caused much amuse
sparky came and did diffuse

No idea what caused me to use two gadgets at once last night but knew I’d blown a fuse. Switched everything off then on again. Changed all my fuses, cos it’s a 12 volt system I had a whole box full on hand. Lights and fridge still work but not the power points or gas hot water.

Sparky came and seems I blew the inverter fuse, a larger more complicated thing that I need to replace tomorrow. So now using the 240 volt power points that I had installed for just this reason!

Ah the wonders of off-grid … on the up side I do have a fall back system and am getting to know my off-grid system much better.


  1. Despite the occasional mishap, you’re well-prepared, Kate, with both a backup system and a “Sparky.” Because of this, the greatest troubles you face are inconvenience and expense – unwelcome, but also manageable and temporary.

    Of course, we moderns are accustomed to our electric luxuries. Naturally, as these lines are being written and read on a powered device.

    Reminds me of a recent show (I think it was called “1900 House,” or something close) wherein a family lived as their great-grandparents did, without electricity or even running water.

    I said it was an interesting concept, but not enough to motivate me to watch the show. Still, the idea encourages contemplation.

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  2. Oh, glad the fuse tripped. Better that than a fire in the interior wall. We had an old house once (talking in US volts here) 30 amp service to the whole house – 15 of which went to the oil burner!
    Hubby rewired and brought it all up to code!

    Now if power goes out… fuses trip. Most of our wires in this neighborhood are underground. But we do get some issues when the above ground wires have storm damage and can’t connect.

    We had to have some work done in our current home. Now illegal some fuses were ‘double tapped’. So we had to upgrade and get a whole new fuse box. It’s always something no matter how big or small one’s home is. Glad you are OK!!

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  3. It does happen from time to time. Lucky and thankful we have circuit breakers. They just trip(blow) and when they cool down in a few minutes, just reset them.

    On an entirely different note, I just commented on a response from someone in Orillia, ON not far from us, who knows you. Now, that is one small world.

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    • lol brought back many memories of a old house I lived in in the outback where we often had to rewire the old porcelain fuses if we used two appliances at once … eg heater and hair dryer.

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  4. I’m glad you have the spare… my sister has a generator in her house.
    Good luck replacing! I love seeing your place, it looks pretty.
    Love light and glitter

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  5. Oh! and Darn! 😦 But life happens and we live and learn! 🙂 While this was going on…

    Did you take a snooze?
    Or read the news?
    Did you listen to the blues?
    Or visit some zoos?
    Ha! sorry! I just got all caught up in rhyming with “fuse”! 😀

    Your home is beautiful! Your color choices make me happy! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…try not to blow a gasket! 😉 😛
    PSS…okay, this could go downhill quick, so I’ll hush! 😉 😀 😎

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