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This is a must read post for parents …

Have you ever expected or wished for the easy path? I know I have on many occasions! Life is easy if as a parent/teacher your children/students excel at sport, are the high achievers, are highly academic or simply, functioning! But that’s not always reality and as a parent or teacher you’ve noticed […]

via Bullying & Beyond…26. Whose expectations? — Create Space


  1. What a lovely surprise to awake to this morning! Thank you for your kind reblog. It is rather special as it is my first reblog of a Bullying & Beyond post! I wish you a profoundly happy and healthy day. Le grà, Marie

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  2. “No Child Left Behind” really hurt the disabled population. They’re wasting time on us. Teachers become self-important and praise only the ones who excel. Half the time, due to the riddling of reality, these kids are stuck being “middle class” at best. They have boring lives. Children develop at different times, too. Kids score high on an intelligence test then go back to the mean after a few years. Also, it’s dangerous to the gifted self-esteem when their brains haven’t developed beyond their peers due to age. It takes more time to develop the abstract and moral regions of the brain. It’s how humans develop.

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  3. Thoughtful link, and fascinating concept contained therein. Namely, by seeking to understand the bully, we’re not justifying or making excuses for the behavior, but rather, we’re attempting to fix the problem, sparing future potential “victims.”

    Definitely agree about bullying being low self-esteem’s companion. So much, and not “just” bullying, stems from personal insecurity. It creates both victims, and their bullies.

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  4. These are very useful messages for parents. Everyone would like his child to be beautiful, healthy and wise. Meanwhile, life plans are verified. Maybe the child does not have good results, but it’s important to be a good person.
    Best wishes

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  5. A wonderful post it is and yes parents should realize the importance.
    I have worked with many types of students while we were in India.
    The individuality and person space of a child, and the proper environment they get at home is much more important than what we plan as a parent.

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  6. Kate WP Gremlins are at it again it seems…I can’t like any of the comments now, I could earlier. I can’t respond either as WP is asking me to login…but I am already…weird or what! Thank you for stirring up so much interest! X

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