Truly Blessed

Nobody is more blessed than me
loyal kind friends
mind alert for contemplation
sudoku and word play

delightful tiny home on wheels
no health complications or meds
body fit enough for action
volunteer helping others

precious memories
of travel adventures
fulfilled my big dreams
net access to blog

enough to cover my bills
reliable transport
who could ask for more
life and nature bring pure joy


  1. Good for you, Kate — enjoy it while it lasts. There is so much suffering in this world (recall the old phrase “There but for the grace of God go I”) that I find it hard to take too much comfort in my relatively good fortune, but I know that you too count your blessings and wish you had the power to make life better for others.

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  2. You have it because you followed your dreams and not the dreams of others (not those of your mother or society). Others have it too but fail to see it entwined within their busier lives.
    They waste years yearning for what they already possess. Peacfilled and thought provoking post Kate. Big hug to you. X

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  3. I respect you for this Kate.
    It’s so good to count on our blessings and not missings.
    Hope more and more learn this.
    We are blessed even if we have just one positive thought in our mind.

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