We clambered about the riverbank excited that Uncle Rocko would join us. Strumming his guitar as he created nifty river songs for us about the cod, crayfish and eels. The huge river red gums towered above us as wattle scent tickled our sinuses. Mist shrouding the banks on a chill winter morn.

Outback river our worthy playground when beaches and grassy parks were well out of reach. Kingfishers and kookaburras grace our branches instead of begging sea gulls. Platypus spied swimming to safety in the early morning while wombats wandered nearby on their hunt for supplies. Grazing wallabies on alert at any new scents or sounds.

too cold for swimming
wildlife tracks to be explored
on our riverbank

reflections from my amazing visits to my First Nation friends in the outback

dVerse, nature’s magic in a haibun, Merril,