Grasshopping #prose2poetry

through a towering forest of wicked-green grass
playful chattering grasshoppers leapt about
in this fertile field licked by stripy sunlight
mores abandoned they are agile yet stout

all chirping and ever so grateful to be alive
living in the moment tattooed on their hide
sun-drenched field meant they could thrive
sliding about like monkeys on a wild-ride

“I had never been so close to grass before. It towered above me and all around me, each blade tattooed with tiger-skins of sunlight. It was knife-edge, dark and a wicked green, thick as a forest and alive with grasshoppers that chirped and chattered, and leapt through the air like monkeys” (Cider with Rosie)

dVerse, Laura, Laurie Lee – turn his prose with your alchemy into poetry


  1. Evocative poem, Kate. Your writing transcends reality to carry me to late summer, where the lengthening evening sunlight dapples a field, contentedly sleepy after a season of exuberance.

    Or maybe I’m just having a stroke.

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  2. Love this poem, SweetKate! Such a wonderful write! I giggled and grinned! I’m right there with you and the grasshoppers in the grass! 🙂
    Great descriptive words, delightful theme, and fun images! Grasshoppers monkeying around! 😉 😛 Human-beans grasshopping and monekying around! Nothing fun-ner! 😉
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. Life in the grass continues. It is extremely mobile, insects hover over flowers, butterflies fly, ants bear blades, bees collect nectar.
    A beautiful poem about the life of nature.

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