a storm often echoes my mood
for some rain feels oppressive
it washes away many things
to thoroughly cleansing us all

clearing the air of dust and pollen
it’s hypnotic patter embraces me
a temporary shield it gives respite
offering an excuse to linger indoors

or if out on errands I laugh
as I shake off water beads
the dampness a timely reminder
that mother nature still rules

best are the wild electrical storms
with thunder cracking and roaring
streaks of lightning flash wilfully
triggering high alert to every sense

the rain pelts down unrelentingly
sometimes hail smashes about
like an external monster unleashed
it provides a lifelong fascination

when nature abandons mediocre
mixing it up to cleanse our world
often arriving unannounced
to catch me unaware, like a test

to check if I’m asleep or still alive
not lulled by apathetic mutation
she forces me out of my routine
stimulates my mind and body

just as storms will surely come
so will death knock at my door
no idea when or how as it’s just
another link in the chain of life

something I must weather with no
need for fear, denial unacceptable
for it’s every beings destiny …
no escaping storms or death!