Storms Unleashed

a storm often echoes my mood
for some rain feels oppressive
it washes away many things
to thoroughly cleansing us all

clearing the air of dust and pollen
it’s hypnotic patter embraces me
a temporary shield it gives respite
offering an excuse to linger indoors

or if out on errands I laugh
as I shake off water beads
the dampness a timely reminder
that mother nature still rules

best are the wild electrical storms
with thunder cracking and roaring
streaks of lightning flash wilfully
triggering high alert to every sense

the rain pelts down unrelentingly
sometimes hail smashes about
like an external monster unleashed
it provides a lifelong fascination

when nature abandons mediocre
mixing it up to cleanse our world
often arriving unannounced
to catch me unaware, like a test

to check if I’m asleep or still alive
not lulled by apathetic mutation
she forces me out of my routine
stimulates my mind and body

just as storms will surely come
so will death knock at my door
no idea when or how as it’s just
another link in the chain of life

something I must weather with no
need for fear, denial unacceptable
for it’s every beings destiny …
no escaping storms or death!


  1. So sorry for this late response, catching up in reading.

    I enjoyed the perspective in your poem, reminding me to appreciate all types of weather, if only to awaken us sometimes. The storm is life. We can fear it or embrace it.

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  2. There’s nothing like a storm to get your heart beating, Kate, and your poem has a similar effect, it’s so evocative. I find the build-up is oppressive; I’m excited by thunder and lightning and released by the burst of a downpour. I also love the embrace of the rain’s ‘hypnotic patter’ and, although I do enjoy getting wet, I prefer to watch from indoors.

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  3. There is a calmness that comes with knowing what we cannot control, we can still heed the clarion to action as life also calls us to resist and carry on, but it will all wash over each of us someday, this miracle will cease, but can be calm now.. might as well, eh? A good build-up to your declaration, well done.

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    • never any point in panicing Lona, not sure I’m getting your point here … but in other posts I suggest people prepare for the inevitable eg will, health directives, funeral preferences!

      With that out of the way we can get on with enjoying life and have no fear if something should happen suddenly …

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  4. There are some things we can ‘t avoid – storms and deaths are always a constant. It is our attitude and way we will carry on, that is most important.

    Thanks for sharing and wishing you a good summer.

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  5. So much in life is beyond our control…perhaps, a storm really unleashes that awareness. We must celebrate our lives and live each moment to the fullest. I have always felt that rain, like tears, are cleansing. Storms in nature come and so do storms in life. God has blessed us on this life journey with so much…there is beauty and mystery in nature, things that cannot be explained. This poem spoke to me…the raw reality of the earth as it exists, and our humanity, which is fleeting thing, before we pass into eternity with God.

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  6. This is incredibly potent! ❤️ Especially like; “clearing the air of dust and pollen it’s hypnotic patter embraces me, a temporary shield it gives respite offering an excuse to linger indoors.” 🙂

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  7. Ah storms and our feelings.
    Sometimes storms are real but else our fear creates storm and disturb us for nothing.
    Let us accept what is served on our plate and be positive.

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  8. Your imagery is vivid…you’ve ignited our 5 senses…you’ve expressed emotions we all have felt! Wonderful poem, Kate! 🙂
    Nature needs what it gets from the storms. And the “storms” in our lives teach us, mature us, make us more compassionate, etc. And I’ve always viewed death as part of my life…a next step on my journey.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  9. Nice flow to the verse, and you express a few key ideas.

    Primary among them (look at me, telling the poet what she’s thinking – am I really that arrogant?) is that emotional turbulence often cleanses the mind of its clutter. Not only that, but the clouds make the glorious sunshine, when it returns, as it always does, all the more glorious. Apparently, I used up the world’s supply of subjunctive clauses in that one sentence. Nice.

    Anyway, I’ll qualify that by mentioning that I love sunshine above all else, but how much more gorgeous is it when it follows two or three days of rain?

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    • lol way off point … be careful I might come over and tell you how to cook!
      Read some more of my poems and you may realise that I’m asking people to tame their minds, emotional turbulence is our inner enemy to be completely eradicated for deep inner peace 🙂

      In fact this poem particularly expresses calm in the face of turbulence … thanks for helping me to clarify that 🙂

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  10. Awesome poem Kate. I agree no escaping rain storms and the lightning and thunder pounding over head constantly all summer long. We have been having lots of these the past week or two and the hail is coming along with them.

    Thanks for a great ride Kate !!

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