Lunar Power

the sun seduces with light
which we all need to grow
too must can dehydrate
or cause sunstroke
it warms us up
both inside and out

but the moon is more stout
it controls the world’s tides
and defines most calendars
affects sea life and our moods
it is far more powerful!

it’s very beams give healing
it provokes werewolves
and invites naked dancing
a backdrop for ghost stories
it ignites our imagination!

I’m fascinated that with all the hours I spend moon gazing I only have five photos
Friday Fun – Moon


  1. Love love love your moon photos and poems, Kate! You know I love the moon, too! We are all kin! 😉 🙂

    No matter where we live, how far apart we are in distance, we all share the same beautiful moon! 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. The moon is wonderfully universal too, one of the few things that looks the same to everyone, everywhere. At any given moment, at least a third of the globe is under its sway, yet it exercise its power benevolently, allowing us to gaze upon it (who hasn’t?) for hours on end.

    Nice homage, Kate, to the “bright regent of the heavens.” (Given my screenname, you just know I had to use that Gilbert & Sullivan line!)

    Just past sunset here in eastern North America, so here comes the moon!

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  3. Ahh the moon…i love how you describe it here especially about werewolves and ghosts. Reminded of the times we were young …our grandparents would gather us all together and tell us stories about their departed love ones who will come to visit them again on a full moon..

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