Hello #quatrain

I wish to send a hearty hello
to fellow bloggers far and wide
posting from wherever we reside
no borders to interrupt our flow

creativity at it’s very best
many topics and styles
no need to travel miles
wifi access our only pest

activity is all on the internet
poetry recipes photos art
anything we wish to impart
fiction family or our pet

creations from our own heart
read then comment with care
create then share what we dare
supportive as we all have a part

so many bilingual
I feel quite ignorant
in harmony, nobody insolent
as we post and mingle

dVerse, Quatrain, Frank


  1. The folks I have found and befriended here are truly the best. All just seek little smiles of encouragement to share whist being polite. If only more countries could get along that way.

    Thank you for your photos, artful writing and the joy you do bring 🙂 Even when we have some disappointment in our days we can usually find a kind word or two from our ‘Net Friends.’

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  2. What a wonderful HELLO poem, Kate!!! 🙂
    Hello, back at you!!! 😉 😀

    I’m so glad you post and mingle
    You make my heart sing -n- tingle
    Keep sharing your fun and wisdom with us
    For you in our lives…DEFINITELY a plus! 🙂

    HUGS!!! 😀

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  3. This really is a fantastic block party we have going, isn’t it? Except, our “block” is the world. How utterly impossible all this would have been even twenty years ago!

    Lest we become too smug, though, no doubt future generations will look back on us and think, “However did they manage without X?” “X” being something we currently can’t contemplate. Forever forward, always a better tomorrow!

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