Quatrain #d’Verse

What another war!
blood and guts galore ..
propaganda rolled out
truth no where about

warmongers profit from sales
to widow and orphan wails
nobody wins
it’s a huge sin

we never seem to learn
as heartache will churn
can we find peace of mind
or bluster on forever blind!

dVerse, Quatrain, Frank


  1. I will never understand men who take a gun to kill people they do not even know. It is not worth mentioning women fighting.


  2. Sweetheart I’m on it
    You’re tired of the sonnet
    The haiku it bores you to tears
    The epic too long
    And the words of my song
    You’ve been hearing for too many years

    The limerick
    It makes you sick
    The couplet is too bloody short
    The epigram too
    Is distasteful to you
    And the elegy too overwrought

    So a quatrain next time
    With alternate rhyme
    Not two lines, not three, there’ll be four
    I’ve got odes, I’ve got ballads
    Vocabulary salads
    And I’ve got love, if you’d like something more.

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  3. Sad, poignant, expressed well…such importance to your words, DearKate!
    I am usually very Pollyanna, positive, and hopeful, but I’m not sure human-beans will ever find peace within themselves/ peace with themselves, so I feel they will never make peace with each other. 😦

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  4. So sad that somehow we never learn the lessons from the past. We can have peace if we choose. I choose to have peace in my little bubble of life. If each of us can choose the little things to be grateful for and share love with our neighbors, I believe that we will achieve peace.

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  5. That “bluster on, forever blind” does disturb me…I would like to think otherwise…… I would like to think we maybe learning….. I would like think the warmongers profits are gradually being exposed…… But… perhaps my thinking, will never see the light day……..

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