Friday Fun – Moon

Please share a some of your ‘moon’ photos, poetry or stories?

Whether through your lens or with creative writing … go where the prompt leads!

Post a photo or get creative
… think moonshine, moon light, tides, romance


and yes, this is my photo and a favourite!
Please complete before next Friday using a pingback to link your post.
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  1. I have a very special moon birthday this year. Not only will I be 59 on the 20 July and a Cancerian but I celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. My 9th birthday was the best ever. 🌝

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      • Well … the balloon reference comes from an exchange this morning when I was (briefly) ‘the balloon man’.

        I was sitting in a hotel lobby in Canberra at about 5AM reading alone and a young couple approached me.
        “Hi,” they said
        “Hello,” I replied.
        There was an awkward few moments of silence.
        “How’s it going?” the young man asked.
        “Fine,” I informed him.
        Another awkward silence.
        Finally he asked, “Are you the balloon man?”

        It turns out they were going on an early morning hot air balloon excursion – but for a little while before dawn things were a bit surreal.

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    • The moon shines
      In the dark dark sky
      It grows bigger, it grows smaller
      As kids we asked ‘why’

      The moon shines
      In the dark dark sky
      It stays there throughout it all
      Always there to say hi

      The moon shines
      The moon shines
      It never,
      Never sits and whines

      I sit by the moonlight
      I see how it’s always there
      The brightness shining
      No matter what or where

      The moon stays
      Through it all
      There is always someone
      To call

      The moon shines
      In the dark dark sky
      It’s always there
      The bit of light, oh my

      The moon shines
      The moon shines
      In the dark
      In the dark dark sky

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