Every word and action has a wide ripple effect
also inaction brings reciprocal consequences

I’m careless of this as things just blurt out
and my heart plunges as it realises the harm

my tongue lashes out far too quickly
harsh words cause so much pain

they may not know or remember my name
but they will remember how I made them feel

a genuine smile or compliment cheers
no response or rudeness burns and sears

being kind helps others unwind
disregard put us all on edge

are others keen to have you around
or try to avoid or dive underground

know that every word and action will affect
so do unto others what you would expect!

are you radiating soft pretty flowers or sharp spiky leaves


  1. so much wisdom in your words Kate………..I try so hard to remember that everything i say or do radiates out from me and can affect, specifically my entire family. Unfortunately I fail too much…….thanks for the reminder to do better!

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  2. There is always that one moment that should bring us a slight pause, so that we may think before we speak. Save for dire warnings our ears should be on alert, brain second and verbiage third.

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    • Gentle wisdom reminds me of the move about the child who was to become the next great Holy Man… And was taken away from his mother…(I think at age 5 or younger) yet this child had the power to make dead flowers bloom again…
      …If we with our efforts could just make some smiles bloom again on the faces of those filled with sadness…

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  3. As you doubtless have heard before, as someone who reflects on her words and interactions, you have less of a need to do so than do most. Ironic, huh?

    That’s the way of the world, though, and you only can concentrate on yourself, devising constant improvements. It’s a admirable impulse, Kate, and your idealism inspires others, and will continue doing so.. You show the rest of us what’s possible.

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  4. I keep puttin’ the soft, pretty flowers out there! I try!
    You remind me to say the positive words that are needed, but to, also, make sure the feelings that linger will help get someone through another day.

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  5. Wonderful poem Kate.
    Being kind cost nothing but it might done so much good to the other perosn.
    Despite the weaknesses in other person we should emphasis on the strength. I helps a lot.

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  6. Beautifully penned!
    I finally figured out why I haven’t seen many of your posts… It was one of WordPress’s glitches of removing people I was following. I still know there are many out there I still have to find, but I’m so happy I figured out why I was missing so much of your work. Yay! You’re back!!😊

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  7. We always gain with hindsight, we know who we are and easily follow patterns, but a mindful approach certainly sustains the goodness. Your poem invites reflection and transparency.

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