Mind Chatter

The raven on my left squawks on endlessly
The one on my right is the voice of reason

One would take me on a downhill spiral
The other uplifts giving my life new hope

do you also suffer such endless chatter
do this, don’t do that, it never seems to stop

only quiet contemplation halts their squawks
gives restful peace from their mindless talk

dVerse, Linda asked us to let Jackie Hurlbert’s art inspire us
JH’s Conspiring with Ravens


      • I think this has just come over time, when I have worked on me, that improved my confidence over the years. Pushing myself at times out of my comfort zone. When my confidence improved and I was more happier in myself, this got less.
        Now for that little rare remainder that can happen, it’s just about distracting myself from it, by doing something else.

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  1. Reading calms me down. Writing stimulates me. I probably need to talk to a psychologist about these things instead of fight. I also just need to accept that the operation was flawed, and I’m stuck now and might as well deal with it. I need to purge my life of them and watch their downfall when AI turns into reality, and they are still low and with the rest of us.

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  2. Your poem, Kate , makes me think of a Aesop’s fable ( re-written by the French jean de La Fontaine ) : “the miller , his son and the donkey” .
    For Aesop , the miller and his son want to apply the critics of one or another and this leads to the death of the donkey .
    For La Fontaine, the moral becomes : the miller tired to hear critics and advice from everyone,” did according his mind ,he did it and did well! ”
    Love ❤
    other moral :
    "If you try to please all, you please none."

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  3. My chatter has calmed much since my semi-retirement. Still doing my own chores…
    Glad to be out of the ‘work force’ and ‘crowd force’ of advertised judgement.

    You’ve made me think of Pinocchio’s Jimminy Cricket 🙂

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