the flowering of my mind

We all have choices
to grow a garden
of colourful flowers
or let weeds run riot

I’m trying to propagate
bright cheerful blooms
pulling up suffocating weeds
planting much happier seeds

for a more positive mind
I know I must find
kind gentle thoughts
halt any brusque retorts

pluck out dark hurtful ideas
fertilize warmer cozy ideals
stem thoughtless indifference
feed creativity and curiosity

my world will be a brighter place
if apathy and anger I replace
with tolerance and patience
letting my mind truly blossom!

dVerse, Linda asked us to let Jackie Hurlbert’s art inspire us
JH’s artwork and title


  1. Your poem is bright, beautiful, and brilliant! Words for the world to hear and live by!

    When we focus on nurturing/working-on ourselves, as individuals, doing the hard work of “pruning”, “weeding”, “planting”, “watering”, etc., then we as a whole group of people will be healthier and get along better AND we help others who can’t help themselves. 🙂

    That art piece (I wonder if it’s paint, chalk or?) is so eye-catching! I’d hang it up to see every day! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. This picture is so beautiful. Just saw it on Paul’s page also.
    You words are beautiful and inspiring as always Kate.

    All in all we reap what we sow and I think one is blessed if she/he finds a supportive group.

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  3. Well crafted. The last thought, about patience, defines it all. Obviously, we must be patient, with the process, and even more so, with ourselves. I can’t just expect to toss some seeds to the ground and expect instant results worthy of the National Flower Show. The self-transformation takes time and nurturing.

    It never really ends, actually, unless you wear a halo. Most of us don’t though, thus we constantly aspire.

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  4. I was just reading an article on forgiveness this afternoon. While we need not forget issues, forgiving allows our own health to move forward. When our own health moves forward then we can begin to honestly give wholly and freely of ourselves to others.

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