when things get tough
we can fret and frown
feel hopeless, get gruff
let worry press us down

don’t feel tired or bound
healthier to turn it around
make choices that are sound
seek, for they can be found

we write our own script!

dVerse, Kim –  take any meaning, form or compound of the word fret,
and write a poem of exactly 44 words 


  1. Love this!! First just the photo (it’s been so long since I’ve seen rainbows and any double was never so perfect its awesome that you got to see that), second the poem. It’s a cool photo to go along with your poem for rainbows show the beauty from the rain.

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  2. Excellent and so true!!! 🙂 We do have choices, we do write our own script as to how we will respond, what our attitude will be, etc! 🙂
    I live by many mottoes. One is: Make fun, not fret! 😉 HA!
    Your rainbow photo! Wow! Truly the beauty after a storm! 🙂
    Thank you, Kate!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • “A fret is a raised element on the neck of a stringed instrument. Frets usually extend across the full width of the neck. On most modern western fretted instruments, frets are metal strips inserted into the fingerboard.”

      But fret also does mean to worry, to irritate, gnaw, even erode.

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  3. Yours is better.

    Fretting surrounds chokes today
    Tomorrow we will clever pay
    The tab for indulgence is great
    Life is about making mistakes

    I close my eyes and allow
    Words to be guzzled down
    I find my death in mystery
    After you give a kiss to me

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  4. A rainbow is the perfect photo for this poem – one can chose to see the rain or the focus on the beauty that can result from it. Your words of wisdom are beautifully written!

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  5. The rhymes and short lines of your quadrille make is sound like a mantra to repeat each morning to keep us sane – I think I’ll write it down and pin it up above my desk. I know it’s not writing my own script, but it will get me there.

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