same view different light

have the most annoying four year old neighbour
interrupts all her fathers conversations
must be the sole focus of his attention
persistently loud whiny voice!

learnt her mother is an addict
used ice and any drug she could
throughout her pregnancy
child was born with brain damage

she still whines and carries on
but now my attitude has changed
see her in a very different light
a damaged one to be cherished

but how I could have perished
from my ignorant intolerance
thinking father should be more firm
when what she needs is love and hugs!

Friday Fun


  1. I have a neighbor who is a mother of two preschool aged children. I am reaching out to God in prayer. Her parenting skills need more skills in her toolbox than yelling, yelling louder . . . now I hear a child crying.

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  2. I am so touched by this Kate..if we can only view children with mental dis ability the way you view them then i believe they would leave a seemingly possible..i know of a child with autism and his parents gave him all the support and therapy he fact the mother stop working to be with him full time and recently she went on studyinh Special Education classes to be able to understand herself fully her son. And i must say they must be doing really well because the last time i saw the kid, he was very nice, polite and was already exchanging conversation with us.
    Unfortunately kids like him back home do not have the same.opportunity. For one there aren’t enough facilities in our country that caters get an appointed for a Developmental Psychology therapis would take months or even years..

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    • yes everyone has access to therapists depending on their location and wealth … sadly here too many are being born damaged from intoxicants so there is no specific program for them.
      To have such educated and caring parents as this lad is so rare … they are all blessed.

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  3. I remember visiting a household where I believe the child may have had Down-syndrome…But I think at least the father may have been in denial. All children need gentle but firm direction in order to be all that they are able. Enabling bad behavior like the young Helen Keller did her no favors. Finally Helen Keller learned to communicate and became a wonderful example of overcoming the challenges of being both deaf and blind.

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    • yes this child has older well-behaved siblings but they were raised by their mother [his first wife] so she will have plenty of opportunities even if her father can’t give her guidance …

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  4. Well expressed.

    Certainly, being able to assess a situation and draw instant conclusions is a necessary part of survival. Given time, though, facts emerge which sometimes mitigate or even change our initial impression.

    After all, we’re not always at our best, and it’s only fair we show others the same forbearance we hope to receive in return.

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  5. This is EXCELLENT, Kate! Thank you for writing this and sharing it!
    Yes, you are SO right! We must realize there is more to a story than we know or can see and we must take that into perspective…seek to learn the facts. The old “not judging a book by it’s cover” lesson. 🙂
    I find life is all about perspective…and our view of the person, situation…sometimes, like a photographer, we have to zoom in…and sometimes we need to zoom out…in order to see things properly.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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