a Fair Go

Transformers become whatever healthy thing we need at that moment, a friend to listen; a pet to comfort; enough to pay that power or medical bill … and they will vanish once their job is done

Transformers come to those who are trying to be ethical eg abide by the basic guidelines of every faith – no killing, lying, stealing, etc. and who are sincerely trying to help others as best they can eg fetch the groceries for the elderly neighbour; wildlife rescue; recycling; giving genuine compliments …

They are building bridges to show humanity an alternative to war, violence and all those nasty isms!  With greed, hatred and anger on the rise these transformers are being sent by the universe to even the score, to give those really making an effort a fair go!

Those lacking self-discipline or indulging bad habits, may get an occasional transformer to entice them to change their ways but as we all know it takes massive persistent effort to improve so they must be making some effort from their side.  But others are ready to support them when they are genuine.

This development is bringing hope and a sense of community back. Trust and openness are beginning to blossom. Apathy, indifference and materialism are on the decrease. Kindness is slowly taking over as we try to save our planet and our common pleasantness.

I see this world clearly, please add to this picture if you do too?


  1. The idea that “Kindness is slowly taking over” has a long way to go (to say the least), but I do agree with this Stephen Hawking quote: “It wouldn’t be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people we love.”

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  2. Researchers say that science is moving forward, but man is almost unaffected. He has congenital characteristics, passed on in genes, i.e. he can be egocentric, malicious, deceitful. Some people find pleasure in tormenting and killing. Others in turn are empathetic, good, help others. People are different.

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  3. I think WP is the breeding ground for transformers Kate, well that has been my experience and you’ve been part of that. My life has been changed for the better in this community filled with hope!

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  4. Beautiful, Kate, and ’tis our hope for families, neighborhoods, communities, towns, cities…the world! Ever grateful for the transformers! 🙂 To live with an open mind, open heart, open arms, and open hands is a beautiful way to live! 🙂
    Thank YOU for being a transformer! 🙂
    Your words make me think of a quote:
    “We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power: Then will our world know the blessings of peace.” – William Gladstone
    HUGS!!! 🙂 and ❤ 🙂

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  5. As much as trouble and strife are prevalent through all reaches of society, good always trumps evil and despair. We often only hear of the tremendously bad stuff, but there are everyday little acts undertaken by ordinary people, that keep hope alive that things are changing. For if we don’t have those little acts occurring, then hope would seem to be gone. And if hope is gone, what replaces it.

    Great thought provoking post once again Kate.

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  6. Even though there is so much negativity around us I clearly see many hard working transformers. Social media platforms are helping them. There is an increase in social awareness in schools these days. Young and old are taking their share.

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  7. I’ve just read several articles in my MSN Good News section.
    A corporation and several grade children (with their own saved monies) have transformed the debit accounts of school lunches.

    Another student who enjoys genealogy helped his adopted friend find her father and sister.

    And education prevails when a custodian becomes a principal in his school district.

    And a single father adopts five children with special needs!

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  8. Best of all are those who help others anonymously, without expectation of thanks or “credit.” It’s truly a difficult skill to cultivate, craving as we do others’ esteem. Considering, though how often we ourselves have benefitted from such people, it inspires us to become one of them. My late father was one such person.

    Oh, by the way, beautiful photo heading this post. Yours?

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  9. We were just talking as a family about sharing and giving back our blessings…and we are currently in search of an organizatio or foundation where we cab help in ..and another project we wanted to start as a family is to send in a less fortunate but deserving student to school..you know going to school is very much a delima for low income earner families…there may be public or government funded Universtities but they still charge a huge amount for miscellaneous or they call it “other fees”…and sometimes these “other fees” are double the price that of the actual tution fee…u dont how this happens..

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