sadly a topic I know only too well
too many have sucked the energy
from my very inner core
betrayal the cost as loyalty was lost
passive aggression, fake kindness
while whipping up a tsunami
break every promise, unsure if it
was calculated or mere inability
jealousy makes them competitive
fiercely so with no intention to
care or support but I took them
at face value, trust is in my soul

if mentally unstable this may
have tipped me over the edge
the constant put downs, control
and cunning manipulation felt
like driving a stake into my heart
my abilities never acknowledged,
boundaries constantly transgressed
self worth in doubt
as they muck me about
drained by every encounter
know they need kindness
but is this my daft blindness

if a friend then wiser to step away
but if family or colleague I’m bound
some compromise must be found
boundaries very strictly enforced
least contact as humanly possible
nurture true worthy relationships
to provide balance and support
for these toxic people poison all
they see or touch always too much
for the one they deceive most is
them, while they lie and manipulate
some maybe fooled it is their fate

won’t let it eat me with hate
for they have no shame or insight
into their wilful woeful ways
it seems their nature to torment
obliterated  by their own malaise

obscured by an emotional desert
deprived of maturity, lost in a maze
go figure why they do it …
doubt they even know,
corrupted by blind habit
unaware of the seeds they sew
be aware to protect yourself