Worship Women

Women are more than half our population
without whom we could not procreate

everyone grew from a mother’s womb
or we could not be here today

often we also have sisters, partners
aunties, daughters and nieces

so what has happened to our humanity
that domestic violence, often murder

is so many women’s fate!
Where is the respect?

cute2 - 1

we are not chattels to be owned
or pawns to be played or controlled

why debate intelligence or strength
without women our world is spent

mothers need to raise less entitled sons
men need to step up and protect!

a massive shift in attitude is vital
as humanity needs respect and value

whether a housewife or career
we really need to endear

hug your mother, child or wife
please don’t cause them more strife

love and cherish them with all your heart
never let anger or violence impart

sure boundaries have shifted
please don’t be insecure or afraid

stand tall and regard all with dignity
know that gentleness makes you stronger

sure we’ve all been hurt and damaged
but look listen learn and grow

for every human bean must surely know
women deserve to be admired and adored

if you witness violence at any level
step up and nip it in the bud

we must love and respect one another
for she may well have been your mother …

inspired by the recent Canadian report on the genocide of indigenous women
and the massive escalation in husband/fathers slaughtering
their entire family in Australia

pics are Lismore street artists wife and daughter


    • they would help hugely Punam but I’m aiming this one at less harm and slaughter … we have a long long way to go before the other half of society will ever allow equality!
      We have had plenty of law changes to ensure that in this country but it just means the bigotry is more subtle and way deeper 😦

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  1. Wow, and it even rhymes! (Ha! Really, I’m just kidding.)

    Your words are well crafted, and are particularly timely, as I’m off to my mother’s house to help her with a few things. “You’re especially affectionate today.”

    Hmmm, wonder why…

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    • please Marie, the girls are always reprimanded for what they wore, being out late, etc … told ‘they deserved it’?? Please start with male attitudes .. if their fathers and brothers treated them like princesses they’d expect much more!


  2. Hi dear Kate, sorry I’ve not been in contact. It’s hard to explain, I’ve had a WP problem with a few of my wonderful bloggers that I follow. It’s all happen while I’ve been away and having my computer shut down…. You were unfollowed in my site by WP, and It’s taken a while to get things back to normal…… Anyhow I’m back on track and now following you again… I’m afraid you are not the only one on my site that this has happened too…. It’s been a bit frustrating
    I Totally agreed with your poem/article, and I’ve always loved/respected the women in my life, for lots of various reasons I would have hardly survived my life’s ordeals without them all…..xxx

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  3. Great post, preachhh sista❤️ I just read this and it’s amazing!! I found your work beautiful and truly look forward to reading more in the future. I’m in love with your words and the way you expressed your thoughts so easily.


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