The wind was picking up as I trudged home. Hoping one of the kids had stoked the fire so that I can bathe them quickly and have an early dinner. Poor mites having to fend for themselves while I had to do more laundry to keep food on their plates.

This damned wars that took our menfolk so far from home, it would be the end of me!

Daisy and Buttercup needed to be milked, none of the kids were quite big enough to do that chore yet. Immersed in my thoughts when far away an interrupted cry could be heard.

Which one this time? That young Tom could tease mercilessly. They cycled to school after their chores and came home all done in. Five mouths to feed and the war didn’t look like ending any time soon. How long could we do this? 


dVerse, Bjorn, Write a story using maximum 144 words that has to include the following line: “When far away an interrupted cry”
taken from the poem acquainted with the night by Robert Frost.