When things go wrong it’s easy to blame
to project onto others or circumstances
but fact is that I need to step up,
own that I said or did the wrong thing

As mere mortals we have unskilful moments
yet shifting the blame is quite insane
… I have to own my direct responsibility
and this goes much deeper for when I

Don’t keep my word, tell lies or slander another
for these cause great grief and it’s my belief
that I need to take responsibility for every action
or inaction, keep my word and be kind to others

Try to be more mindful of my woeful mistakes
don’t seek to blame or make excuses
face up, apologise and make amends
this is mature emotional responsibility



  1. Exactly! All the information I shared is from two articles that I have found that talk about responsibility. May I share it with you?

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  2. I like the post. It is hard for me to admit my mistakes. But I have found this article that has shown me why I should; what I can gain from it. May I share some points from it to you?


          • Thank you for letting me share. One of the things that it said was that people trust others when they admit their mistakes. Do you think this is true?

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            • I try to write only what I believe … some may admit mistakes for other motivations but I sincerely believe that we own our mistakes much easier when we trust another … that they wont use it against us or broadcast it to others.

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              • Thank you for sharing your thoughts! One wise man once said to me: “If we make the statement, ‘We have no sin.’ we are misleading ourselves.” Basically he was saying to ourselves “I make no mistakes” the only person we are tricking is ourselves. What are your thoughts on his comment? Do you agree with it?


              • I can’t come at the word sin Mackenzie … it’s very heavy and very negative … please share what context you are talking about?


              • Well, what he meant was that if I am telling people “I make no mistakes; I am perfect” the only one I am tricking is myself. He really didn’t mean sin; sorry for the confusion. Do you agree with this? What are your thoughts on it?

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  3. Yes, I think one of the main signs of emotional maturity is being able to own, and apologize for, our mistakes. And once we make amends, then we need to forgive ourselves and move on.

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  4. Emotional maturity – that is the key! But I venture to say there are many out there who are not (just look at all the people who are in positions of power). Well said Kate!!

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  5. Creatively expressed and, of course, I agree!

    How can we exult in the triumphs if they rise from dishonesty? Even if nobody knows I did wrong, I know, and that error puts its thumb on the scale until it’s expiated.

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  6. Yes! Excellent, Kate! 🙂
    Responsibility is such a vital character trait! And we need more people who exercise it in this world! People seem to focus so much on physical exercise (which is important) and their outer-looks, and don’t pay much attention to who they are on the inside or on exercising positive character traits…like responsibility, forgiveness, love, mercy, compassion, etc.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  7. Owning and taking full responsibility for a wrong that we do is the most noble and humbling thing one can do…and i believe very few are humble and noble enough to do it…and that’s where and how trouble begins…

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    • totally agree Mich, and I know I really appreciate it when someone is humble enough to own their mistake …
      how much better our world will be
      when we can all take such responsibility …
      and there would be less need for court cases 🙂

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