If wavering about this or that
I wait until I can make a firm decision

Wavering, for me, is a sign to pause
not force the issue or rush into it

as any doubt may indicate it’s not right
safer to wait for a strong inclination

there are already enough waves in life
so be wary of creating any more …

Friday Fun – waves


  1. You are so speaking to me clearly, beautifully so. Everything that I am trying to do currently ,I have this hesitation, unwillingness, including blogging – I am continually pulling myself back into the Wait of where I am being led to.

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  2. Absolutely beautiful words Kate. Wish I can deal with wavering in such easy manner.
    I love those images and would love to spend a day on this beach.


  3. Yes, absolutely!
    I’d rather go wavering by the ocean too!
    This is perfect timing Kate, I needed this reminder today. Thank you

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