Purify, Confess, Repentance
every faith has there own method
it’s a cleansing of our soul
a release to lighten our burden

Develop Strong Regret
then resolve not to repeat
for a little while if it’s ingrained
forever if at all possible …

Apologise and Seek Forgiveness
make amends if at all possible
acknowledgment eases tension
leads to healing any involved 

Some write it out then burn it
or tie it to a rock to drown
some clean or bake intensely
we all know our own escape

Worry, Regret, shame or Blame
best abandoned for they hinder
the healing process, bleakly locks
one into a pity party spiral …

Learn, Grow and Move on
nurture your healthier aspects
if we wallow giving harm
energy it hampers our recovery

Listen, Love and Laugh
trust your inner seer
live life playfully with no fear
stay focused on those dear