Coffee capers

Grab that cuppa on the way to work, another at lunchtime and in between if time allows. Nice to caress that hot cup, sip and enjoy. Ever wondered if you’re addicted? I was …

Early twenties did PR work with all it’s accompanying pressure. Never keen on grog I held the key to those liquid refreshments to deter my colleagues from indulging before 3pm. In return the boss allowed me to buy my favourite brand of fresh coffee with all the gear needed.

In short I was ‘sipping’ many cups a day for some years. When I went hiking I had to take a backpack full of chocolates to ease my withdrawal symptoms from no coffee access.

By thirty I needed a mammogram, which squished a huge cyst. It consequently discharged all over their torture plate and floor. The pain was excruciating, it took five hours of crying in a huge public waiting room before I was capable of driving home. Advised to get off the coffee I had full on drug withdrawal symptoms.

Fortunately by then I worked part time in hospice care and could juggle my hours to suit the units needs. I needed that flexibility to go home and sleep off the migraines rather than get addicted to the painkillers the medical staff were enticing me with. I had the trembles/shakes, hallucinations, sweats … it took a couple of weeks.

I did have about a decade of nearly no caffeine … yes coffee is a drug! A legal one but more than two cups a day will ensure that you’re addicted – getting one, seeking the best one, can’t go without, you must have it!

Decades on I had a double mastectomy, attributed to my coffee habit. With eight aunties and nearly twenty female cousins none had cancer. So my earlier record was accessed and coffee coped the blame!

This was prompted by an online headline yesterday stating that although Coffee has carcinogens [a substance that forms cancer] a US state has concluded that it does not cause cancer so it can be sold … we have choices so make yours a wise one of moderation!


  1. I was also (almost) on the brink of coffee addiction back in the days when i was still working..and like you i wasnt aware of its effects up until i tried cutting down my intake…it wasnt easy…but it was a coffee a day is fine with me..on the other hand…i could almost see vividly right through my eyes your agonizing days back when you were healing..both from the coffee addiction and cancer..this is one of the bravest most sincere and honest posts i have read ..
    May this create awareness and help others make the right choices..

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  2. Yeah, but coffee helps against dementia, as they claim. I drink a lot of Diet Coke. I go off of it for like a year or six months then randomly start up again. Caffeine helps my depression and apathy, giving me a better mood. I have schizophrenia and its byproducts. Depression is one of them along with apathy. I wish there was a better way and commend you on your success beating it! Keep shining on!

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    • sorry to hear you’ve had it so tough … I’m surprised that caffeine improves your mood as its a depressant and can spiral some downwards …


  3. WOW that must have been a lot. We are surrounded by carcinogens, no running away, yes for wise and informed choices for our own health. any obsession is bad in the end

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  4. Scary stuff! And I’m so sorry for everything you had to go through, Kate! 😦 Thank you for being open about your journey AND for being caring, and helpful, when it comes to other people and their journeys!

    I have cancer in my family…grandparents, dad, sister, aunts, female cousins, etc. So I was not surprised when mine appeared.

    I actually gave up caffeine while nursing my babies (I nursed each one of them for up to 18 months) and I never went back to anything with caffeine in it…so I haven’t had any in a long long long time…as my youngest “baby” will be 34 years old soon. 🙂

    Yes, moderation! So important!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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    • wow it would be so tough to relinquish altogether as Australia has such a strong cafe culture … now I opt for chai latte but not sure what the processed stuff has in it.

      Sorry you’ve had so much cancer in the family … we usually die of a congenital heart condition before we are old enough to develop cancer! So the fact that I’ve made it this far is pretty exceptional 🙂

      And let’s face it the good die young so that’s why we are both still here 🙂

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  5. Thank you for sharing this Kate and so sorry to hear you had to go through this. We lost our beloved uncle to cancer at the age of 45. He was an avid coffee drinker of the strong variety, there was always an aromatic cafetiere nearby. His cancer was never attributed to coffee and it may well have played a part.

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  6. I remember in college getting the shakes. I only drank coffee for a while when offered after dinner as a guest (not to be rude)… But recently I started with half caf, then no caf. Is ther any difference. Is it all related to caffeine or just the bean? Heck chocolate can be addicting too. Moderation is the key with any food. We knew a person with allergies to shell fish – but they would take meds before and after just to taste the fish. I don’t know I think that was just asking for trouble.

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    • we certainly make some odd decisions, decaff still has caffeine and chocolate is loaded with caffeine also … and even our water can be polluted so there are no guarantees … moderation is the key!

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  7. It’s odd how our society almost encourages coffee addiction! (And really, how else can you explain the huge line of cars at the Starbuck’s drive through I see every morning?) I’m so sorry yours caused cancer! Thank you for sharing your story and spreading the word that coffee can only be safely taken in moderation!

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  8. Any kind of addiction is bad and one needs to know what is good and and bad for the body.
    Though I am not sure if it was just coffee which caused cancer as it’s a complex disease.
    Anyways it’s best to have healthy habits.

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  9. Thanks for sharing your story, Kate. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I hope the surgery rid you of that nasty disease and that you are now enjoying good health.

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  10. Before I turned 29, I was hooked to just 1 cup of tea for a day, which is like disability in a country that runs on tea!
    Nowadays, it’s 2 cups per day. Tried to switch off the tea habit in Ramadan but was unable to make it past the 3rd day, so went back to the track 🙂

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  11. Well basically we all die, so we choose our poison so to speak. I was up to 8 cups of coffee a day at one stage and feeling quite ill, so now i have maybe three or four 🙂 You too sound like a recovering coffaholic.

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