In the gilded cage this cute wallaby grazed beside the lotus pond.
Now these lovely birds n mates, cows and lizards feed opposite

Some neighbours struggle with their budget due to indulgences
others have lived here 36, 26 and lots more than ten years, they love it!

neighbours - 1 (1)

While others working full-time live here to budget, no idea what they
are saving for but tight as a fishes gullet. Many have second vans

which they tow about to rough camp. Guess it’s the community spirit
plus many collect all the gadgets they like on this reasonable budget!

sorry the wallaby is not a good shot


  1. I have a friend who is moving… every time I help her she gifts me with something… Too polite to refuse. Well I did one thing that really wasn’t in ship shape. I make up for it by getting rid of other stuff of my own I don’t need. We ended up gifting a 3-board game to my grandson that we had saved from when his father was about the same age. Hopefully he’ll enjoy it. Frankly I just don’t remember playing it. We had to go online for missing instructions and it was only missing one other place marker. Not bad for being stored for about 25 years πŸ˜‰

    Hope you are settling in. Hugs, Jules

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