lost angel

Dear Mum and Dad,

Thanks for all your care,
sorry I couldn’t stay to share.
We had nine months together,
now I’m in your hearts forever.

Don’t cry or be sad
for nine months I was glad.
That’s all I needed to do
but that doesn’t help you.

All is well for me now
no illness, no body to run.
Just can’t tell you how
you have to learn to have fun!

So love you both lots
and thanks for the shot.
Things are fine for me,
you need to live, laugh and see …

hugs and kisses from
ZAC and His Angel

Written in response to a young couples deep grief, they’d sought company
for the first mothers day they thought they’d be celebrating.
They put an angel as Zac’s gravestone, and truly felt he was guarded by one.
Their story touched my heart in 2005 and this was my first poem. It touched their heart and a year later they returned with their daughter and later they had a second son.

dVerse – Cry me a River, Amaya – with Eric Clapton’s song of loss of his young son
… echoes so much sadness for those who have lost children!



  1. Very moving poem and song.

    I’ve never lost a child to death, but I’ve “lost” a child to living a life in the grip of an incurable disease (MYALGIC ENCEPHALOMYELITIS) and needing to be taken care of for the rest of her life by her parents and who knows who else, if she outlives us.

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  2. Lovely and speaks to me. Our grandson was stillborn but still born…a couple yeas ago. Our grief continues . He is LC’s brother. We held him and had to say goodbye before we ever said hello. It was heart wrenching and I know we’ll grieve and miss him forever.
    Thank you for this lovely poem.

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  3. I remember knowing a family with such a loss. I knew Mom was due… but hadn’t seen her for awhile… But this woman had two living to deal with and told me…’Life moves’ on’.

    We’ve a special day here where those who have lost SIDS and other young losses come together to celebrate life.

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  4. This very touching Kate. It is so hard to come to terms with the loss. One does move on but the ache remains. So wonderful that this heartfelt tribute was a source of solace to them. You are the best, Kate. 🤗❤️

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  5. OH! 😦 😦 😦 So sad. But, I’m so glad your poem touched their hearts and helped them! You are one of their angels, Kate! I’m happy they are doing well today. Zac will always be remembered by so many people, and now because of your poem here…I will remember him, too. (((HUGS)))

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