Draggin …

Arthur my friendly dragon wary of his gilded cage

loved his solitary paradise but followed his heart

and now resides nearby


Why do we keep draggin our baggage

rather than leave it behind

got vested interest, pity or what


let’s leave it all behind!


dVerse – De Jackson 44 words to include ‘dragon’
… be like Arthur and escape your demons!

Sketch is by Muntazir


  1. “Oh the weight of that baggage how much false comfort it doth bring
    And yet when left, tossed, or burred, how much clearer do we sing? ” ©JP/dh

    (Yep I copied and save my quote inspired by your verse.)

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  2. Great advice and love the word play. I really like dragons..though I’m not sure why..but i find them cool. My husband and I have ridden the motorcycle on a ride called the dragon’s tail for it’s many curves in not so many miles. It was a blast.

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  3. Yes!
    Another favorite Brian Andreas poem (I had shared the dragon one on the dVerse prompt post):
    “She left pieces of her life behind her everywhere she went. It’s easier to feel the sunlight without them, she said.” – Brian Andreas

    Love this wise, sweet dragon.

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  4. Love the painting. Leaving the baggage behind is often a difficult task. One needs to deal with it in order to leave it. But, dealing with it is necessary in order to move to a new place in our lives. When we drop or discard that baggage that weighs us down mentally or emotionally our “load” gets lighter and life starts to become fuller.

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