North is the airport the hum of planes
preparing for take off
reminds of exotic destinations
as I love to explore
diverse cultures and cuisines

south is the cow pasture
where the herd grazes
trees that attract the birds
reminds me of nature
our umbilical cord

east is the highway hum
people frantically rushing
about their daily life
reminds me I’m close to a rural
town with all the box and dice

west is a long straight road
direct to new locations
as yet unexplored
reminds me of a future
with endless possibilities

relocated to a van park
more than seventy varied
characters, many dealing
with strife,
not coping with life
how to heal this community …

busy setting up still so not reading as much, sorry!
street art in Lismore NSW


  1. this is lovely Kate, it gives me a geographical mooring, i love your 360 view of your life and how it affects you, what a brilliant poetic style this is!

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    • I have running water! And my solar power has taken off … don’t need their power yet! Yea, just gave a teen some food … need to find a way to constructively help them. But have told him to ask as he needs. He loves steak so I explained why he would never get that from me, been veggo most of my life 😉

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  2. Best wishes for settlin’ in, Kate! And best wishes for those new-folk around you! I know, in each direction, you will share smiles and ❤ and teach what you know by word and by example! 🙂 You will be a bright ☀️ sunny spot in their lives! I know you will find ways to make a difference! 🙂 Why? Because you are Kate!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • oh you just radiate love Carolyn … please come visit and help me to spread the love!

      Got water after 8 weeks of carting … finally washed my dishes in my own sink … oh the excitement ❤

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  3. Good to see you are settling down quite quickly Kate.
    See the destiny, you had to move here but someone/many need your help Kate.
    I am sure you will treat them good but hope they do the same 😀
    Good wishes KAte.

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  4. The fact that you are there means there is still plenty good in this world. Bless you, Kate! You are amazing. I thought about your poem as I walked my dear black lab, Cody, this morning. Met two runners and they were both friendly and responsive. Your positive vibes reach far down that road.
    Wonderful poem!
    Thank you for posting. 🙂

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  5. Hi Kate, I’ve been reading back through your posts, and I came across this gorgeous poem about your relocation. Your such a durable and positive soul, and you have a lovely outlook on life, and it is an inspiration for me….. I’d Love to write to you in a email and send you some pic’s of my trip to New York and Philadelphia (especially Philly), my email is if you like to, may be you’ll contact me….xx


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