yabbie yarn

Strolling down memory lane
I find it littered with myopic shards
so I flesh out the sweet shiny ones
like diamond dew on the grass

Strolling beside the winding creek
I hear the fall before it’s seen
it’s coolness caressing the rocks
to gush along the well-worn bed

Camping, fun jobs, motorbikes
good friends, travel and dancing
the joyful hedonism of youth
then as reality hit the study

clambering over the wet surfaces
besotted by the bright blue yabbies
all seeking a new waterhole

I feel like a frontier explorer

dVerse Poetics: On Wandering & Observing


  1. You are a frontier explorer…in your memories, and in life…and you use your 5 senses beautifully! Then you poem (ha, poem as a verb) about your memories and adventures and we get to explore with you! Your words helps us see, smell, feel, taste, and touch! And ignite memories of our own! Thank you, Kate! 🙂
    Great word-pics in your poem, too.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Hmmm… I looked up blue yabbies they look like lobsters (which are red here) –
    Oh: The blue crayfish is a species of freshwater crayfish endemic to Florida in the United States. Its natural range is the area east of St. Johns River and all of Florida from Levy County and Marion County southwards, as well as on some of the Florida Keys .
    How big is a yabbie? Maybe more related to a crayfish than lobster. But they do have similar bodies 🙂

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