service personnel

Defence personal sign up for many different reasons as did my father and patriarchal lineage. But service involves massive risk of body and mind. Their training ensures that they obey orders instantly and without question …

Yet what they see and do is more than any human bean should be exposed to. They wish to save our lives and keep us free but there are permanent dire consequences. Fighting wars that only profit the gunrunners yet leave them and their families with enduring nightmares.

all stuck in autumn

survivors need support and

official respect


dVerse, Memorial hosted by Frank 


  1. Your haiku is poignant and spot on.
    Thank you for this post, Kate.
    I have family members who have served. Some in war time. Some not in war time. But I could see how they are forever changed.
    I add my gratitude here for all who have served.

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  2. Well, it’s a fun profession at least, until you get called. I loved setting up PMs, but my body wasn’t going to be able to do that forever. I went into boat mechanics, but I wasn’t smart enough to do my job. Go figure. Can we go backwards, maybe? Like, if you don’t pass, you go back to your old job? I should suggest that. They put me into a mental hospital. I am barred for life.

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